Samsung DA29-00003G Replacement Refrigerator Water Filter (HAFCU1/XAA), 2 pack

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DA29-00003G Aqua-Pure Refrigerator Water Filter is a superb replacement part for your refrigerator. It uses carbon to remove up to 99 percent of contaminants such as chlorine, lead, benzene, mercury, carbofuran and asbestos. This Samsung refrigerator water filter improves the taste, odor and overall quality in both your ice and water dispensers. It is compatible with most Samsung and Kenmore refrigerators. It is tested and certified to pass ANSI/NSF standards 42 and 53. This filter is made of high-quality materials and is rated for six months of reliable usage. It is quick and easy to install. It is compatible with most side-by-side and French door refrigerators. It will make your water and ice healthier for you and anyone else who drinks water from your refrigerator.


  • Brand: Samsung
  • Part Number: DA2900003G
  • Filter Life (Months): 6
  • Filter Life (Gallons): 300
  • Filter Media: Carbon Block
  • Flow Rate: 0.5 gpm
  • Operating Pressure: 30 - 120 psi
  • Operating Temperature: 33 - 100 °F
  • NSF Certification(s): 42, 53

Samsung RB195BSSB
Samsung RB195BSSB/AA
Samsung RB195BSSBAA
Samsung RF263AEBP
Samsung RF263AEBP/AA
Samsung RF263AEBPAA
Samsung RF263AEPN
Samsung RF263AEPN/AA
Samsung RF263AEPNAA
Samsung RF263AERS
Samsung RF263AERS/AA
Samsung RF263AERSAA
Samsung RF263AEWP
Samsung RF263AEWP/AA
Samsung RF263AEWPAA
Samsung RF263AFBP
Samsung RF263AFBP/AA
Samsung RF263AFBPAA
Samsung RF263AFRS
Samsung RF263AFRS/AA
Samsung RF263AFRSAA
Samsung RF263AFWP
Samsung RF263AFWP/AA
Samsung RF263AFWPAA
Samsung RF265AABP
Samsung RF265AABP/AA
Samsung RF265AABPAA
Samsung RF265AARS
Samsung RF265AARS/AA
Samsung RF265AARSAA
Samsung RF265AASH
Samsung RF265AASH/AA
Samsung RF265AASHAA
Samsung RF265AAWP
Samsung RF265AAWP/AA
Samsung RF265AAWPAA
Samsung RF265ABBP
Samsung RF265ABBP/AA
Samsung RF265ABBPAA
Samsung RF265ABPN
Samsung RF265ABPN/AA
Samsung RF265ABPNAA
Samsung RF265ABRS
Samsung RF265ABRS/AA
Samsung RF265ABRSAA
Samsung RF265ABWP
Samsung RF265ABWP/AA
Samsung RF265ABWPAA
Samsung RF266AABP
Samsung RF266AABP/AA
Samsung RF266AABPAA
Samsung RF266AARS
Samsung RF266AARS/AA
Samsung RF266AARSAA
Samsung RF266AASH
Samsung RF266AASH/AA
Samsung RF266AASHAA
Samsung RF266AAWP
Samsung RF266AAWP/AA
Samsung RF266AAWPAA
Samsung RF266ABBP
Samsung RF266ABBP/AA
Samsung RF266ABBPAA
Samsung RF266ABPN
Samsung RF266ABPN/AA
Samsung RF266ABPNAA
Samsung RF266ABRS
Samsung RF266ABRS/AA
Samsung RF266ABRSAA
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Samsung RF266ABWP/AA
Samsung RF266ABWPAA
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Samsung RF266AEBP/AA
Samsung RF266AEBPAA
Samsung RF266AEPN
Samsung RF266AEPN/AA
Samsung RF266AEPNAA
Samsung RF266AERS
Samsung RF266AERS/AA
Samsung RF266AERSAA
Samsung RF266AEWP
Samsung RF266AEWP/AA
Samsung RF266AEWPAA
Samsung RF266AFRS
Samsung RF266AFRS/AA
Samsung RF266AFRSAA
Samsung RF267AABP
Samsung RF267AABP/AA
Samsung RF267AABPAA
Samsung RF267AARS
Samsung RF267AARS/AA
Samsung RF267AARSAA
Samsung RF267AASH
Samsung RF267AASH/AA
Samsung RF267AASHAA
Samsung RF267AAWP
Samsung RF267AAWP/AA
Samsung RF267AAWPAA
Samsung RF267ABBP
Samsung RF267ABBP/AA
Samsung RF267ABBPAA
Samsung RF267ABPN
Samsung RF267ABPN/AA
Samsung RF267ABPNAA
Samsung RF267ABRS
Samsung RF267ABRS/AA
Samsung RF267ABRSAA
Samsung RF267ABWP
Samsung RF267ABWP/AA
Samsung RF267ABWPAA
Samsung RF267AEBP
Samsung RF267AEBP/AA
Samsung RF267AEBPAA
Samsung RF267AEPN
Samsung RF267AEPN/AA
Samsung RF267AEPNAA
Samsung RF267AERS
Samsung RF267AERS/AA
Samsung RF267AERSAA
Samsung RF267AEWP
Samsung RF267AEWP/AA
Samsung RF267AEWPAA
Samsung RF267AFBP
Samsung RF267AFBP/AA
Samsung RF267AFBPAA
Samsung RF267AFRS
Samsung RF267AFRS/AA
Samsung RF267AFRSAA
Samsung RF267AFWP
Samsung RF267AFWP/AA
Samsung RF267AFWPAA
Samsung RF267HERS
Samsung RF267HERS/AA
Samsung RF267HERSAA
Samsung RF268ABBP
Samsung RF268ABBP/AA
Samsung RF268ABBPAA
Samsung RF268ABPN
Samsung RF268ABPN/AA
Samsung RF268ABPNAA
Samsung RF268ABRS
Samsung RF268ABRS/AA
Samsung RF268ABRSAA
Samsung RF268ABWP
Samsung RF268ABWP/AA
Samsung RF268ABWPAA
Samsung RF26DEPN
Samsung RF26DEPN/AA
Samsung RF26DEPNAA
Samsung RF26VABBP
Samsung RF26VABBP/AA
Samsung RF26VABPN
Samsung RF26VABPN/AA
Samsung RF26VABWP
Samsung RF26VABWP/AA
Samsung RF26XAEBP
Samsung RF26XAEBP/AA
Samsung RF26XAEPN
Samsung RF26XAEPN/AA
Samsung RF26XAERS
Samsung RF26XAERS/AA
Samsung RF26XAEWP
Samsung RF26XAEWP/AA
Samsung RFG237AABP
Samsung RFG237AABP/AA
Samsung RFG237AABPAA
Samsung RFG237AAPN
Samsung RFG237AAPN/AA
Samsung RFG237AAPNAA
Samsung RFG237AARS
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Samsung RFG237AARSAA
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Samsung RH269LBSH
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Samsung RM257ABBP
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Samsung RM257ABRS
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Samsung RM257ABRSAA
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Samsung RM257ACPN/AA
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Samsung RM257ACRS
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Samsung RM257ACRSAA
Samsung RS21HKLBG
Samsung RS21HKLBG/AA
Samsung RS21HKLMR
Samsung RS21HKLMR/AA
Samsung RS2520SW
Samsung RS2520SW/AA
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Samsung RS2530BBP
Samsung RS2530BBP/AA
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Samsung RS2530BSH/AA
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Samsung RS2533SW
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Samsung RS2534WW/AA
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Samsung RS253BABB/AA
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Samsung RS253BAWW/AA
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Samsung RS2542SH
Samsung RS2542SH/AA
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Samsung RS2544SL
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Samsung RS2545SH
Samsung RS2545SH/AA
Samsung RS2545SHAA
Samsung RS2555BB
Samsung RS2555BB/AA
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Samsung RS2622SW
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Samsung RS269LARS/AA
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Samsung RS26XUSW/AA
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Samsung RS275ACBP
Samsung RS275ACBP/AA
Samsung RS275ACBPAA
Samsung RS275ACPN
Samsung RS275ACPN/AA
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Samsung RS275ACRS
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Samsung RS275ACRSAA
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Samsung RS275ACWP/AA
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Samsung RS2777SL/AA
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Samsung RS277ACBP/AA
Samsung RS277ACBPAA
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Samsung RS277ACPN/AA
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Samsung RS277ACRS
Samsung RS277ACRS/AA
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Samsung RS277ACWP/AA
Samsung RS277ACWPAA
Samsung RS27KGRS
Samsung RS27KGRS/AA
Samsung RS27KGRSAA
Samsung RSC6FWRS
Samsung RSC6FWSH
Samsung RSC6JWSH
Samsung RSC6JWWP
Samsung RSC6KWRS
Samsung RSG257AABP
Samsung RSG257AABP/AA
Samsung RSG257AABPAA
Samsung RSG257AAPN
Samsung RSG257AAPN/AA
Samsung RSG257AAPNAA
Samsung RSG257AARS
Samsung RSG257AARS/AA
Samsung RSG257AARSAA
Samsung RSG257AAWP
Samsung RSG257AAWP/AA
Samsung RSG257AAWPAA
Samsung RSG5FURS
Samsung SRT768VFHW
Samsung SRT768VFHW/AA
Samsung SRT768VFHWAA
Samsung TS48WLUS
Samsung TS48WLUS/AA
Samsung TS48WLUSAA


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